Asteroid to Hit EARTH??!!

As per the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) data,  an asteroid is predicted to come closer to Earth later this year and also has a 0.41 percent chance of  hitting the planet Earth.  


As said by the center for near-earth objects studies (CNEOS) from NASA's Jet propulsion laboratory 2018VP1, a celestial object will be passing the Earth on the 1st of November.


There are are three potential impacts as said by the space officials from the agency However, based on  21 observations that lasted for 12.968  days there will possibly be no direct impacts on earth.


The celestial object named 2018VP1 was first identified at Paloma observatory in 2018 at California. However, this object is not considered as potentially hazardous object to earth. As according to NASA, it is very small in size with the diameter of just 0.002 kilometre which is just about 6.5 feet.


The asteroids or comets are only considered as potentially hazardous objects usually when they have a orbit that takes them close to Earth and are also big in size which could potentially cause a significant regional damage if they hit the planet Earth.


An asteroid flew just above 1830 miles over the Southern Indian Ocean earlier this week,  which is the first time any object has flown past Earth from such a close distance. 


 A robotic camera named Zwicky transient facility that scans the sky, spotted the object known as asteroid 2020 GC.  The asteroid is predicted to be roughly the size of a car.


The size of the asteroid 2020 GC does not pose much threat to earth as it would possibly break into pieces in the planets atmosphere if it approaches towards the Earth for direct impact.


 As said by the space experts it would be fun to see such a small asteroid come this close to earth as the gravitational force of the earth has dramatically bent the trajectory of the asteroid.  As calculated by the experts the asteroid has already  turned by approximately 45 degrees by our planet.