Loops Esports disqualified from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship-2020 over player misconduct

Loops Esports precluded from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship-2020 over player wrongdoing 

In an episode that stunned PUBG Mobile Esports fans the world over, Loops Esports, the group from Brazil, was precluded from the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC 2020) in a serious decision by PUBG Mobile authorities. 

They were excluded for indicating unsportsmanlike conduct under standard 6.1.2 which specifies Competitive Integrity. The standard expresses that "All Teams and Team Members are relied upon to contend to the best of their expertise and capacity consistently in any Tournament Game". 

Expounding further on this issue PUBG Mobile authorities said that during the Final two matches the Super Weekend 4 (ie. Match 4 and 5), the elaborate players from Loops Esports – FederaL, Golden, and Caiowski, successfully gave up and would not battle, which influenced their last rankings in the League. 

The PUBG Mobile Esports group and the competition coordinator ESL, in the wake of checking on all proof of the unsportsmanlike conduct, concluded that this occurrence abuses their Code of Conduct and the serious uprightness of PUBG Mobile Esports. 

The official decision likewise pointed towards the way that all through the serious year, Loops Esports had various episodes where unsportsmanlike conduct was shown. 

These activities, they expressed, were straightforwardly in clash with the reasonable and adjusted environment which they had been endeavoring to make for all the players, associations, and supporters.