Risk of Corona infection to double if physical distancing reduced from 2 metre !!!

According to the most accurate studies till date, reducing the advice of Physical distancing from 2 metre to 1 metre will double the risk of corona virus infection.

The WHO funded research team will add to the debate about whether the 2 metre rule should be reduced or not. Boris Johnson has said that he hopes to be able for reducing the 2 metre distance that would help to make travel on Public Transports easier and boost the hospitality Industry. It would also help the people inside of the restaurants, pubs, workplaces, shops and also reduce the length of queues. 

Prime minister has instructed to look into the possibilities of reducing the Physical distancing to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage). The WHO has advised people to stay 1 metre apart from each other, which is followed by France. The countries like Germany and Australia have a 1.5 metre physical distancing rule.

Researches have found that keeping a distance of more than 1 metre from other people reduces the risk of infection to 3% compared to 13% infection with a physical distancing of less than 1 metre.

A professor at the University of Edinburgh, Linda Bauld, involved in the research has said that the most useful finding so far is that physical distancing matters. There have been a lot of complaints in UK regarding the 2 metres distance guidance is excessive as it is much more compared to other countries. 

Maintaining the distance of 2 metres is likely to reduce the risk of infection compared to that of 1 metre. Retailers and employers should take this distance into consideration as more workplaces and premises will reopen in the future. This will undoubtedly be difficult for everyone but we all will need to get used to maintaining this distance for upcoming few months.