Salman Khan says he has ‘no desire’ to celebrate his birthday this year

"There are no festivals this year, it's simply me and my family, nobody else," he said. "I wanted to praise my birthday in this horrible year. I trust that the following year brings inspiration into our lives. I trust that everybody is solid, cheerful, and safe." 


He encouraged everybody to follow cleanliness conventions to shield themselves from the Covid pandemic, and rehashed a mantra that he says on Bigg Boss. 



Gotten some information about the arrival of his film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, Salman said that he isn't sure when individuals will have the option to venture out securely to watch motion pictures, or when they'll have the option to bear to go to the theaters once more. "In the event that things are free by Eid, that is the point at which the film will be delivered," Salman said.