Twitter's trending section is an extra hellish minefield during the pandemic

Indeed, even on its greatest day, Twitter's moving segment wasn't actually a heavenly element. 

Apparently dropped from a brutal calculation in the sky, the tab has almost consistently been rounded with outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand names, irregular garbage phrases from the president, and — goodness definitely — some beautiful disinformation. 

In any case, in the time of Covid, heavenly hellfire is it awful. Like terrible awful. 

Consistently, it's another name totally separated from setting. In a frenzy, you hurry to see: Did they pass on!? Do they have the infection!? 

Now and then, you're compensated with a golly. Different occasions, not really. 

A day or two ago Lizzo and Dave Grohl were both moving and I resembled no chance and truly, fortunately, no chance. In any case, a few days back it was Fred Willard and SHIT, NO, NO. 

Indeed, even as I composed this, the resigned b-ball player Jermaine O'Neal moved and I pondered... did... did he get COVID? (No, it was the commemoration of a scandalous NBA battle.) 

Recollect the last piece of uplifting news? That is to say, really uplifting news and not... hello... possibly we'll have an antibody... a few... day. 

Definitely, me not one or the other.