UK Announce new coronavirus variant: What do we know?

The fast spread of another variation of Covid has been accused for the presentation of exacting level four blending rules for a great many individuals. 

So how has it gone from being non-existent to the most well-known type of the infection in pieces of England very quickly? 
The public authority's counselors on new contaminations currently state they have "high" certainty that it is more ready to send than different variations. 
All the work is at a beginning phase, contains enormous vulnerabilities and an extensive rundown of unanswered inquiries. 
These meet up to construct a case for an infection that can spread all the more without any problem. 

Be that as it may, we don't have supreme assurance.
In any case, as of now the legitimization for level four limitations is partially to lessen the spread of the variation. 

How much quicker is it spreading? 
It is spreading 7x times faster than covid-19

You can perceive how the variation has come to overwhelm the aftereffects of testing in certain focuses, for example, the Milton Keynes Lighthouse Laboratory.