Warning Issued For Millions Of Apple iPhone Users

First revealed as an overwhelmingly iPhone 12-just issue by MacRumors a month ago, clients have now overflowed both MacRumors' own gathering (22 pages, more than 1,000 messages) and Apple Support Communities (44 pages, more than 5,000 influenced) affirming all iOS 14-viable iPhones are conceivably in danger from far and wide SMS informing issues. These issues are likewise spreading into other famous outsider informing applications like Signal and WhatsApp. 




The issues range from the powerlessness to send or get messages to missing warnings. In addition, the seriousness fluctuates with certain clients accepting infrequent notices yet missing others, while the most noticeably awful influenced have no informing capacities at all. Justifiably, the response from clients is getting warmed - especially over Apple's continuous quietness. 

"This is actually absurd. It's been weeks. In the event that anyone answers to a message I send immediately I will never observe the reaction… I've seen heaps of irritating bugs throughout the long term yet not at all like missing messages. Horrendous.